Gene Underwood

(b.1955, Abington, Pennsylvania, USA)

I began learning to paint in 2019, after retiring from a career in advertising and marketing that I enjoyed.

Graphic design trained my eye to make sharp-edged, boldly colored images with high impact. Oil painting realistically is retraining my eye to see nuances of unnameable colors that tell a story about light, subtle shifts of shape that describe form, and airy shadows that locate and secure things in space.

To represent the world is not, for me, about making pretty pictures. To represent pieces of the world is about trying to understand the world.

I’m learning to paint, and painting to learn.

I’ve always liked looking closely at things. I’m seduced by details, and may never make epic works. “Try to be one of those people on whom nothing is lost,” Henry James enjoined us. Painting helps me become one of those people.

I, witness.

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